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If you are ready to invest in a hydrovac business, the name to have on your side is Hydrodig. As a leading provider of hydrovac services to the construction, utility, petroleum, government, and civil industries, we've helped each of our owner-operators realize their dream of being their own boss. We can help you realize your dream.

Are you interested in creating personal independence and establishing equity through business ownership? Would you like to find out whether or not this unique opportunity is right for you? Simply tell us a few things about yourself by filling out the Business Opportunity form...or just email us with your questions. The information you supply will remain confidential and a few minutes of your time may help you reach an important decision about your future.

Start-Up Training:
New owner-operators will receive two weeks of intensive training at Hydrodig Canada Inc. in Bentley, Alberta, Canada. Our team will train you on every facet of the operation such as operating and maintaining a hydrovac truck, business management, health and safety, and sales and marketing. After the two-week training, you will have the field experience, knowledge and skills you need to start your business with confidence.

Hydrodig Network:
One of the competitive advantages of joining Hydrodig is our network of owner-operators. Hydrodig's success can be attributed to the dedication and team work of each owner-operator working cohesively in allocating resources across the network in order to meet customer requirements. This synergistic approach is one of the fundamental principles of our business model. The Hydrodig group continually strives to provide the customer fast, convenient service.

Ongoing Support:
Go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Hydrodig is committed to helping our owner-operators meet their goals throughout the growth of their businesses.

What are some of the key advantages of joining Hydrodig?
  • Brand Awareness
  • Operational Support
  • Business Development Support
  • Billing/AR Support
  • Annual Meetings
  • Research & Development

Brand Awareness:
As a Hydrodig business owner, our established identity will give you a significant head start in the marketplace. You will have access to professionally developed print, radio, and newspaper ads; promotional items; and direct mail marketing materials that build strong and consistent brand awareness. You will find that the Hydrodig name opens the doors to many opportunities.

Operational Support:
If you ever have operational issues, we can help you. You can refer to the operations manual, our website, fellow owner-operators, or call us directly. Either way we strive to make sure you are able to do your job safely and effectively in order to satisfy your customer's needs.

Business Development Support:
From day one, our business development team will help guide you through establishing and growing your business. Our business development team can be a valuable resource when planning your marketing strategy, setting your business goals, or improving employee management.

Billing/AR Support:
Hydrodig has a dedicated team that will invoice your clients and manage your accounts receivable.

Annual Meetings:
These hands-on sessions provide for the exchange of ideas and experiences with head office staff members and fellow owner-operators. You can see first-hand the latest innovations in equipment, products, procedures, marketing, and operations. These meetings will provide you with a great opportunity for networking and learning new techniques.

Research & Development:
To remain an industry leader, the Hydrodig research and development team is committed to testing new products, equipment, and techniques before integrating them into the Hydrodig network.

If interested in becoming an owner-operator of a new location, please complete the business opportunity form or contact the VP of Operations for more information via telephone with Hydrodig Ltd. during business hours (Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm MST). Thank you for your interest and we look forward to helping you realize your dream.


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