Why Hydrodig?
When it comes to performing safe and quick hydro-excavation, Hydrodig is setting the standards within the industry. We have the proven experience and resources to provide you with solutions for your unique experiences. Hydrodig provides services to the transportation, construction, utility, petroleum, government, and civil industries.

Hydro-excavation is the process of using high pressure water and a powerful vacuum to excavate. This process is predominately used to safely expose underground infrastructure; however, it also compliments many other ground disturbance activities.

Why a Smaller Truck?
Hydrovac users have come to the realization that the majority of hydrovac exposures do not require a bigger truck. It begs the question then, "Why get a bigger hydrovac truck when all you need is a Hydrodig truck."

Best Equipment:
Our trucks are designed and built exclusively for Hydrodig - no one else. Just like you, we expect the best and that is why we spent years developing the smallest, multipurpose four-wheel drive hydrovac truck in the industry that can work year round in adverse terrain and weather conditions. Our owner-operators provide us with a wealth of field experience which we use to constantly improve our units and operations.

Operational Excellence:
By striving to continually improve efficiencies in our operation by utilizing new technologies, field experience, and procedures and methods unique to Hydrodig we can safely, accurately, and effectively do the job faster - even against the larger hydrovac trucks.

All of our Hydrodig units are four-wheel drive and require only 10 foot - 8 inches for height clearance, we can better maneuver around congested plant sites, back alleys, roadway ditches, and through difficult terrain, while significantly minimizing road and property ground disturbance; a definite competitive advantage over the larger hydrovac units. Hydrodig gives you small truck maneuverability with big truck performance at a great value.

One of the Fastest Growing Fleet:
Hydrodig is one of the fastest growing hydrovac service companies in North America with over 100 units. Since 1997, the demand for Hydrodig services continues to grow exponentially. With new locations and new units being added constantly - convenient, consistent and timely service is accessible.

Our People:
One of our key competitive advantages is in the skill and experience of our owner-operators, management team, and employees. We have the people who take pride in what they do.

With over 170 people working together in synergy, Hydrodig is able to successfully provide customers with the hydrovac solutions they need.

  • Hydrovac
  • Steaming
  • Vacuum Service
  • High Pressure Wash

  • Exposures/Daylighting:
Pipelines - Actual depth determination and visual examination of existing underground pipelines when required for new construction or repairs.

Utilities - Actual depth determination and visual examination of existing lines/cables when required for new construction or repairs. Trained and certified to expose energized power cables.

  • Slot Trenching:
Precise, safe trenching for installation of cable, pipeline, and conduit. Slot trenching for exploration of plant site and related infrastructures.

  • Piling & Post holes:
Precise holes that confirm no structures are in the path for piles or posts. Pilot holes for utility poles, street light poles, sign & fence posts, piles for buildings and removal of piles or posts as well.
  • Cleanouts & Debris Removal:

Steaming Applications:
  • Valves, pipe, wellheads, equipment
Vacuum Service:
  • Wet and dry applications
High Pressure Wash:
  • Buildings, equipment, monuments

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